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November 18, 2016

Do you like Pygmy Marmosets? They are so cute that many people are fond of them very much. But do you know how they make sounds and communication? Here are some questions about it, test yourself.1. How many types of vocal communication do they have:A. Up to tenB. At least 10C. 3D. 9The answer is B. They have at least 10 different types of vocal communication, which includes a trill to communicate with other family members even over long distance, a clicking sound and a high, sharp warning whistle for threats and communicating danger and so on. They also have a sound with body posture, facial expressions and hair erection. They will also chase and display their rumps with the tail raised and the fur fluffed up to defend their territory.

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2. Common visual displays by competing Pygmy Marmosets are used in situations of:A. SurpriseB. ExcitementC. ThreatD. AstonishmentThe answer is C. To convey dominance status and alpha male stature for reproductive purposes, common visual displays by competing Pygmy Marmosets are used in situations of threat. They will also mob animals and predators, these mobbing behaviors displays of jerky movements, strutting and body swaying and involves elaborate posturing. They will mob animals such as squirrels, monkeys, birds, snakes, and even human observers! Genital display is another common communication technique used by them. A Pygmy Marmoset of either sex will turn its back to the observer, raises its tail in a stiff arch, arches its back, and the body and tail hair are ruffled back. This is used in territorial defense, in sexual solicitation and in dominance interactions. They also have vocal and chemical types of communication. Trills, J-calls, and long calls are three different types of calls used by them.3. What are used when Pygmy Marmosets are feeding:A. TrillsB. BuzzC. BarkD. BleatThe answer is A. When they are foraging for insects, feeding or traveling in packs, they use trills. A series of quick notes repeated by the caller make up J-calls, which are for medium distances. J-calls and Trills serve to maintain short range contact throughout the day and are heard frequently in the Amazon rainforest and to help inform and interact between group members. The long call is given when pygmy marmosets are spread out over distances greater than 10 meters and is a response to hearing calls from other groups.

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4. What do Pygmy Marmosets use in chemical communication:A. GrassB. HandsC. MouthD. ScentThe answer is D. When rubbing the scent glands found on their chest, around their anus and their genitals, they use scent in chemical communication. Leaving a mark for others to smell, they often rub the scent glands on a surface. When female Pygmy Marmosets use it to let males know their reproductive status, they will use another chemical communication.

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